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Factory Antique Mall
50 Lodge Lane, Suite 106
Verona, Virginia 24482

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We are Virginia's Full-Service Caning Shop
Now a proud member of The SeatWeaver' Guild, Inc. 

Return your caned chairs to their former glory!  

Higgins Chair Caning is a full-service caning shop located in the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia.  We work with both contemporary and antique furniture and help restore your prized pieces back to their original design.  Bring your long-forgotten chair, rocker, footstool, patio furniture and more back to life.


Antique chairs, produced by skilled craftsmen for hundreds of years, deserve a restoration that takes them back to their original glory.  Caning is attractive, never goes out of style, and complements any décor.  Not only is caning durable and elegant, it also helps your prized piece of furniture retain its value.


We do complete restorations and specialize in Cane, Splint and Rush Seats, Danish Cord, Wicker Repair and Furniture Refinishing.  We also have a nice selection of finished chairs and other furniture and antiques for sale. 

Ask about our individual caning instruction classes!

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